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!!! Qualitative Solutions !!!

Qualitative services are the detailed evaluation of consumer scenario. It ensures absolute quality observation of respondent reviews on commodities. Through such in-depth discussion with respondents, We have the tendency to predict the requirements of the consumers.

Focus Group Discussion :-

The group of potential respondents are accumulated for the purpose of conducting Focus group discussion. The clients of the enterprise presents the new product or the prevailing one in the view of the audience, The respondents are asked to conduct the discussion. The clients may also undertake resolution to perform debate by audience.

group Discussion

In-Depth Interviews :-

  In-depth interviews are absolute detail interview conducted personally between the
    interviewer and consumers.

  In the process, the selected respondents are asked the prominent universal
    open ended questions.

  The respondents answers the respective questions in a descriptive manner.

  The interviewer performs the duty of writing significant reviews or the experiences of
    the respondents on the consumption of commodities.


Ethnography is the scientific evaluation of the individual’s culture in their personal environment. The market research team analyses, observes and identifies the ethics and customs of the individuals. Based on the cultural reviews on the product and services, they have the tendency to generate innovative spectrums to enhance the features of the respective products.

group Discussion